Friday, June 3, 2005

"Huge" Rally for Trespasser Parker

Article 8, the force behind David Parker (the guy who held up in a Lexington elementary school until police arrested him) is having a statewide rally for the alleged Trespasser in Wayland, MA (I never realized that Wayland could accommodate the masses expected for this "rally")

Interesting enough, Article 8 does not include any specific information on their website about the rally other than it's on Sunday in Wayland from 2-5. Article 8 does have an electronic mailing list that lists the rally. (If you're on the list send me an email)

Massnews, the conservative website that gives a daily run down of articles on gays and same sex marriage does have the information on the rally posted. (Apparently they are on the list) I had wondered how come Article 8 was not posting any information I guess they are afraid that gays and lesbians and other normal people might just show up.

Mark your calendars:
Date: Sunday, June 5, 2005
Time: 2:00-4:00 pm
Place: Celebration International Church, Wayland, MA
*Directions to Celebration International Church, 6 Loker St., Wayland, MA:
Loker St. is side street, on the north of Commonwealth Rd. (Route 30), Wayland, between Rice Rd. and Main St.
Click here for map & directions.

If you can I suggest you attend the rally to show your "support". My future husband and I attended a similar rally in Boston on the eve of marriage becoming legal for same sex couples. At that rally Alan Keyes (the guy who through his gay daughter out of his house) and some woman from Concerned Women of America (who had been divorced at least once) were talking about family values and sanctity of marriage. We're thinking of attending since it will be our first full day as a married couple and enjoy seeing democracy in action.

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Boston Bud said...

Update: Article 8 just posted a link to directions to the rally on Sunday. Seems like a bit of last minute planning when it's only 2 days away.