Monday, June 27, 2005

It's Lies and Misinformation All Around

Well, Article 8 is pissed because the Massachusetts Legislature just approved the new State Budget, unanimously and it includes spending for gay and lesbian youth. They want the Governor to veto two spending bills because one of the budget items which provides health education funding includes some amounts for gay and lesbian youth (in addition to money for school nurses and obesity programs.)

Article 8 is further incensed because the money is going to suicide Prevention and anti-violence programs aimed at youth at risk. My take on this, Article 8 believes suicide and violence is better for kids than learning that it is ok to be gay and normal. Why would they want to take funding away from suicide prevention? They are always acting like they care about the children, however, this mean spirited act surely wreaks of prejudice.


This past week it was Agagepress and Ma "Family" Institute lying, now this week starts off with Article 8. It was on another page that I found Article 8, again lying about what the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth does at the BAGLY Prom. (and this isn't the first time Article 8 has lied or stretched the truth) At the bottom of the page it says:

How weird was it? In true "transgender" form, the organizers covered the "men" and"women" labels on the rest room doors inside City Hall. Unisex bathrooms for the gay prom.

This is an outright LIE. I was at the Prom as a chaperone, I took the orientation before the Prom started. The bathroom signs were NOT covered and we were instructed to make sure that only boys and girls used their respected bathrooms.


Anonymous said...

These Article 8 people should all be ashamed of themselves. They are sick, crazy people. These are the same people that attend Mass on Sundays showing how "holy" they are. They should all burn in hell!

Millicent of NYC

Anonymous said...

I also was a chaperone; and can confirm what Boston Bud said is true.

Anonymous said...

So in effect the transgender kids were discriminated against just to keep up with apperances and keep the conservatives outside happy. That kind of sucks for the kids and it doesn't seem fair that people can't even be safe and out at their own party. I hope that a transperson was able to use the bathroom of their identity rather than forced to use the one of their so-called biology. To say nothing of inter-sexed kids. Sheesh.

Jesus doesn't care what bathroom you use when you goto church, just so long as you worship, it appears though that some christians though are more concerned with whos got a penis in the womans bathroom than what their savior did for their souls. Seriously - eyes off the crotch and on to the cross folks. No wonder some preachers spend so much time talking about homosexuality - it's all that consumes the mind of some straight folks.