Wednesday, June 29, 2005

It's the Homosexuals Fault!

This was on yahoo news tonight:
Iraq War Takes Toll on Army Marriages
How long do you think it will take until Massresistance blames this one on us? I'm sure someone from the Right will find some way to blame this on the same sex couples getting married in Massachusetts. Maybe all the soldiers are really gay and since they "didn't ask", they "didn't tell" and now because they can get married in Massachusetts they are leaving their wives? Sound plausible? I bet you'll read it on Mass "Family" Institute's website next week (Article 8's tomorrow?).
Between 2001 and 2004, divorces among active-duty Army officers and enlisted personnel nearly doubled, from 5,658 to 10,477, even though total troop strength remained stable. In 2002, the divorce rate among married officers was 1.9 percent -- 1,060 divorces out of 54,542 marriages; by 2004, the rate had tripled to 6 percent, with 3,325 divorces out of 55,550 marriages.

For the record, same sex couples started getting married in 2004, not 2001. The Mass SJC didn't even rule on it until Nov. 2003 so we can't get blamed for this one can we?

The only person to blame to President George W. Bush. Apparently he doesn't care for married heterosexual couples nor homosexual soldiers. After all, gays are not allowed in the military so we have no one to blame other than Georgie since he started the war.

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