Thursday, June 9, 2005

"Huge" Rally for David Parker?

Well, the rally for David Parker, the man who refused to leave the elementary school until the police arrested him, was held this past Sunday in Wayland. Apparently all the people who were coming out to "support" Parker didn't quite make it to the church on time. About 100 followers of Brian Camenker and Article 8 did make it though to hear the "great speakers" (two of which were Brian Camenker and David Parker). More on the other speakers later!

Pictures of the rally can be seen here on Article 8's website. (I won't stoop to the level of Massresitance and ridicule the people in the photos)

It seems that Article 8 was laying low since their sister group, Fred Phelp's Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), was also in the area. I'm guessing the people who didn't make it to Wayland were with Fred since both WBC and Article 8/Massresistance have the same supporters. No one in the media even bothered to cover the "rally" so I'm sure Article 8 was disappointed and we can expect Massresistance to exclaim that the liberal media isn't covering the news.

Amazingly, David Parker is still saying that he isn't in cahoots with Article 8 even though Article 8 sponsored the rally, he appeared on Fox News with Brian Camenker, called Article 8 when he was ready to be arrested by the Lexington Police and Article 8 has all the emails and correspondence that David Parker exchanged with the Lexington School System. (Is it me or does it seem like David Parker doesn't do anything without Brian Camenker/Article 8?)

On a side note, a quiet group from Lexington called Lexington Cares held a silent protest at the church. Thank God for these people who are willing to witness the hate that is occurring in our own state. Even though Article 8 is a small fringe group it is still important for them to know that we are witnessing their actions.

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